Top 5 Coats for Outdoor Activities

This year’s selection of women’s down coats are sleek, sexy, and oh so stylish!  No matter what you are wearing, a coat makes you look like the fashion maven of your neighborhood.

Note: throughout the article we talk about what makes for a good coat which will explain why these are our top 5. (All of the 5 items are from



While there slight adjustments and alterations to each years coat style, the basic concept remains the same and is a time-less fashion must have for your wardrobe. Throughout the list we have a range of coats that are our Top 5 coats for outdoor activities.

The Sleeves

The clean cut sleeve of a woman’s coat is the “norm”, but now you will find women’s   coats with sleeves that are “bunched” up almost to the elbows.  While some find this coat style a bit messy looking, some women can really pull of this style.  I think a lot of it has to do with your body type.  Someone who is tall and lean can easily pull off a bunched looking coat, however women of a shorter stature that are a bit more “full” might do better with straight sleeves on their coat to avoid looking clumpy and these are perfect for the outdoors.



The Length

Seems no matter what we do, shorter seems to be more fashionable the older we get.  This year’s women’s coats tend to be a bit shorter than the traditional coat in an attempt to emphasize a woman’s waist.  If these shorter coats flare some at the waist, you can get away with wearing this style of coat over a dress.  However, if it is a straight line down coat, you might want to opt for a longer version of a coat if you will be wearing it over dresses and skirts most often. Shorter might not be great for fall but good for winter.





Colours and Patterns

Personally, I am a big fan of the traditional cut of women’s coats.  Call me old-fashioned, but there is something about doing too much to a good thing when coats are so simply sexy to begin with.

I like my outfits to have the colours and patterns, and my coats to be in my more basic neutral colours such as black, brown and tan. I’ve seen some really cute coats in crazy patterns, but to me, that means my outfit needs to be more neutral so it doesn’t clash or steal the show from my coat.



Now, one thing we all like is a pink women’s trench coat.  Talk about sweet and sexy at the same time!