Constitution 2016


a The name of the organisation shall be “The Outdoor Adventure Group”, hereinafter referred to as the “OAG”.

a The address of the group will be that of the Honorary Secretary.

a The object of the O.A.G. shall be to advance the physical, mental and community spirit of members through opportunity and challenge.
b The areas through which the aims and objects will be provided are through all of the canoeing disciplines and such activities as approved by the Committee.
c Promoting activities through challenge and adventure for causes considered by the O.A.G. to be worthy of support.
d Giving assistance to other groups.
e Raising funds to pay for the OAG’s activities and equipment.
f Encouraging adults to participate in the furtherance of these objects.
g The OAG shall maintain a program of indoor and outdoor meetings in order to achieve these aims

a Membership of the O.A.G shall be open to:
All young people above the age of 14 years.
Persons acting as volunteers assisting and supervising the O.A.G.
Individual persons interested in promoting the O.AG.

a The O.A.G shall have the following officers elected annually at the AGM
Vice Chairperson
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
b The Honorary Secretary/Honorary Treasurer shall maintain an up-to-date list of the names ,addresses and telephone numbers of all members.
c The Honorary Secretary shall prepare and issue minutes of the proceedings of meetings, notices and agendas of meetings at least 7 days prior to the following meeting. The minutes shall be conclusive evidence of the proceedings when subsequently approved by the respective committees and signed by the respective chairperson.

Executive Committee
a The Executive committee shall be elected annually at the AGM and will be responsible for :

The financial and overall running of the O.A.G.
Pursuing the aims and objectives set out in clause 3 above
b The committee shall comprise:
Vice Chairperson (young person under 25years of age)
Honorary Secretary
Honorary Treasurer
And at least three others. Young persons should will be encouraged to contribute to the running of the group.
All members of the committee will have an equal vote
c The Executive Committee shall meet bi monthly
d A quorum for meetings shall be 5
e Any member of the Executive Committee who fails to attend two consecutive meetings without an explanation acceptable to the Committee may be asked to resign and the vacancy filled from the membership.
f The committee may co-opt persons to assist in attaining specific objectives. The maximum of such co-opted members shall be two thirds of the elected members.

a An Annual General Meeting shall be held in February, (when final payment of subscriptions is due), or as soon as is possible thereafter.
b Every member of the group shall receive details, from the Honorary secretary not less than one month prior to the Annual General Meeting.
c The Executive Committee may convene an Extraordinary General Meeting at the request of five members who will be responsible for all costs incurred.
d Voting shall be allowed to all family members over the age of 14 years.
e All new members should be a member of the O.A.G for at least one year before being allowed to vote, ie. In the second year of membership.
f Nominations for Officers (ie. Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer) should be made in writing to the Honorary Secretary at least 2 weeks prior to the AGM.
g All proxy votes must be declared in writing to the Honorary Secretary prior to the start of the AGM.

a The O.A.G shall abide by the rules and guidelines of the relevant ruling body and the Local Education Authority appropriate to the activity being undertaken.
b Any person in charge of an activity must hold the appropriate qualification from the relevant ruling body.
c The Instructors of the O.A.G shall provide the Honorary Secretary with a copy of their current qualifications.

a All monies collected on behalf of the O.A.G shall be handed to the Honorary Treasurer for deposit into a bank account in the name of “The Outdoor Adventure Group”.
b Cheques drawn on a bank account shall be signed by two of four designated members of the Executive Committee. The four designated members shall be :Chairman, Vice Chairman, Honorary Treasurer and Honorary Secretary.
c Accounts shall be audited by an appointed Auditor, annually, as soon as possible after the end of the financial year.
d The financial year shall end on 31st December, after which the accounts shall be prepared for audit by an appointed auditor for presentation at the next Annual General Meeting.

a In the event that the O.A.G. is dissolved by a simple majority of the members present and voting at a properly notified Extraordinary General Meeting, the Executive Committee shall have the power to dispose of any assets held by or in the name of the O.A.G.
b After the settlement of all debts and liabilities, any property or funds shall be given to a group with similar aims.( eg. A group suggested by the Regional Canoeing Officer of the BCU ).

a This Constitution may be amended by a resolution passed and approved by a properly convened AGM or EGM called for that purpose and of which at least four weeks notice has been given to members.